Red and Blue Make Purple

because politics is never black and white


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I know the question all of the dozen-or-so people reading this must be asking, What is this blog about? 

Why start another blog about poltics now, when that ‘s all anybody is talking about anyway? Just look at WordPress’s tag cloud.


For all the discussion out there, almost all of it seems like people shouting their opinion without anyone listening. That’s not a real debate. You can go to the Daily Kos if you want the liberal perspective, but that’s all you’ll get there. What if there was a place where a liberal and a republican would really engage and respond directly to what the other is saying? That’s where I got the idea for this blog and the cheesy title for it. 

I’m Bill Watson, and I’ll be the liberal perspective, and in a little while Sydney Vinick, resident Republican, will introduce herself as well. 

I invite all of you to comment too, whatever your political leanings may be.


Written by Bill Watson

December 17, 2008 at 5:58 am

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