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Re: Caroline Kennedy is Sarah Palin 2.0

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Bill’s resonse to Sydney’s post, “Caroline Kennedy is Sarah Palin 2.0

Now I absolutely love Caroline Kennedy, and I absolutely do not love Sarah Palin, but you do make some interesting comparisons between them. Kennedy is less qualified than Andrew Cuomo, and it is true that she hasn’t won (or even run for) an elected office before.

However, not only does she have reasonable qualifications, her celebrity is actually a huge asset for the hypothetical Senator Caroline Kennedy, but for the state of New York as well. 

First off, Caroline Kennedy has grown up in a family that is practically synonymous with American politics, so she’s not stepping into this arena without a clear idea of how things work. She also knows just about every person out there if she has any questions.

Second, she hasn’t just been sitting around all these years. She didn’t just “raise some money,” she was the director of the Office of Strategic Partnerships for the the New York City Department of Education. She took a $1 a year salary and helped raise $65 million dollars. That’s true stateswomanship. 

True, I didn’t like Sarah Palin. I didn’t think an exciting inexperienced woman was qualified to be President, and that’s what the VP needs to be, a worst-case-scenario backup President.

In the Senate, however, celebrity goes a long way. Hillary Clinton was a powerhouse in the Senate, and that was largely because if she wanted something done she could go on the press and people would talk about it, because Hillary Clinton was a household name across the country. You can’t find a better household name than “Kennedy.” 

Now these are reasons that I think Caroline Kennedy would be a good Senator. However, as you point out, less than a third of New Yorkers agree with me. That’s Gov. Paterson’s problem. He’s the only voter that Cuomo, Kennedy, or any other interested candidate needs to win over. Personally I like Nate Silver’s (of idea. Get all the candidates on Larry King and let the people get to know them. Then take a poll and see who’s the most popular. At the end of the day I think Caroline Kennedy would make a great Senator, but as long as Gov. Paterson doesn’t pull a Blagojevich and sell the seat to the highest bidder I’ll be happy.


Written by Bill Watson

December 19, 2008 at 1:53 am

Caroline Kennedy is Sarah Palin 2.0

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Only picked because she was a woman. Under-qualified. No experience. Sound familiar?


Everyone from Harry Reid to the New York Post is excited about giving Caroline Kennedy Hillary’s old Senate seat, but is she really anything more than a gimmick? 

There are many qualified candidates out there, such as Rep. Kristin Gillibrand, Rep. Brian Higgins, and Mayor Byron Brown of Buffalo. Andrew Cuomo, however, takes the cake. He was Secretary of the Deparment of Housing and Urban Development under Bill Clinton and is now New York’s Attorney General. And, sorry to break it to you over in Nevada Senator Reid, but the people of New York actually prefer Cuomo.

Along with the democratic insiders excited about her last name, feminist groups are also furiously lobbying the governor to choose a woman. Now I consider myself a feminist, but that’s just ridiculous. I thought we feminists wanted people chosen for their qualifications, not their gender. Cuomo is more qualified and I’d be writing the same thing if the choice was between Carl Kennedy and Andrea Cuomo. 

Now, I’m probably not going to be a fan of whatever liberal Gov. Paterson finally does appoint, but I do think that someone who has actually served the public and won an election before should be chosen over a philanthropist with a famous dad. 

I don’t want to put down Ms. Kennedy; she’s done some great work raising money for NY’s public schools. However, does anyone really believe she’d be considered at all if it weren’t for her family’s legacy?

Written by Sydney Vinick

December 18, 2008 at 11:13 pm